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Web-based visual programming editor for the Parallax Propeller


BlocklyProp is a visual progamming language for the Propeller. By starting in a graphical way, you don't have to learn a whole new language before getting anything done. You drag some blocks in your work area and the spin code is being generated for you. At any time you can go and look at the code.

The generated code is made as readable as possible. You should be able to follow it quite easily.


Use blocks specific for the Scribbler. Easily read values from the or line follower or the distance sensor while letting it drive without having to write a single line of code.

Other Propellers: Spin

If you want to start programming using logic blocks, use displays and other peripherals. This gives you more control and prepares you for when you start to write the code by hand.

Propeller C

This gives you the same level of control as the Spin version but generates Propeller C. Also allows for bigger programs by supporting the extended memory model.

BlocklyProp Community

BlocklyProp Community allows you to save your projects, share them with friends or even the whole community.


View projects created by the community. Open them, view and continue working on them.

Your projects

View your own projects. Share them with the community and friends.